Friday, July 3, 2015


Why were we inspired to create a site about how bad Tom's Moving NYC is?

Because of a horrific experience that two young girls had moving out of their apartment on 34th Street this month.

Many weeks before their planned move to SoHo, they'd done all of the logistics. If you're familiar with NYC, you know the drill. Scheduling movers, reserving freight elevators, turning on and off cable and Internet services, scheduling time off at work, prepping and packing.

How would you like it, then, after all of that, you get a call from some dude at Tom's Moving NYC -- just minutes before they are scheduled to show up -- to give you this news:

Uhm, sorry, we can't move you. Our driver just quit.

Claiming that they would try and find a replacement, the real answer came soon enough: they simply stopped answering the phone.

To date, these girls haven't been paid a cent for the nearly a thousand dollars in unforeseen charges they've incurred because of this pathetic organization.

So poorly must this "company" be run that they had no extra driver they could locate. Their poor planning cost these girls dearly... hundreds of dollars of extra fees, unbelievable pain and suffering, family members thousands of miles away suddenly drawn into this stressful mess... all because of how incompetent the management of this company appears to be.

If you're moving in NYC, don't come near Tom's Moving NYC. Take my word for it.

If you're looking for a mover, check out Yelp, but make sure the company has lots and lots of reviews. Tom's Moving NYC had just a dozen or so, most very positive. That's not enough.

Here's one I found with lots and lots of mostly great reviews:
Roadway Moving & Storage
(800) 338-8415
And, no, I'm not familiar with or endorsing Roadway. I went to Yelp and found 350 mostly 5-star reviews. Take your chances with 'em; they can't possibly be worse than the experience we had with Tom's "Moving" NYC.


  1. Tom's Moving in Los Aangeles, CA
    I feel very sorry that these women went thru this experience and for this moving company to suffer such bad reviews from someone thats actually an idiot. Sure these girls went thru a bad experince, that should not have happened, thats life, not good but it does happen, people quite all the time, now im sure if they would have held a gun to the divers head and said you better move these girls our were going to blow your head off, would have work, but we all know you cant do that legally anyway. So what do you expect the moving company to do? u think waht happened was bad, u should here the stories of real bad moving companies, taken peoples stuff like it was garbage and thru it away , like nothing. Those are the real horrow stories I hear about, I think your giving this company a bad shake. some times consumers dont think before the write such stories, giving a company or person a bad reveiw when they actually should be getting a pat on the back, saying to them well u tried, we know things dont always go right.

    Well as the owner of toms moving and storage in Los Angeles, CA
    I have to say to the nyc toms moving dont stop trying to providing good service to your customers, over look the bad apples, service with a smile. heres my web site